Tavola disegno 3
The small Village school...


Tavola disegno 3

"In a time long gone, this room – now dedicated to Grandma Mariedda – housed the Village's small school, which closed in 1923. Mariedda, a wise and rebellious woman in her own way, chose to marry late in life so that she could first devote herself to her education.

Mariedda, who left us in 2013, was the last inhabitant of the Village and a great example of a woman, mother and grandmother, an inexhaustible source of dreams and ambitions. Mariedda's reading room contains the small embroidered sofa where, as a girl, she loved to spend her afternoons absorbed in her books, and the desk: an old table used as a school desk.

This room is a cradle for travellers' souls and we hope that it will welcome many others capable of drawing on its inspiring energy.

Tavola disegno 3


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